Yes! On reglueing chairs can go from 65-145 there is extras when you have to make pieces.

Kitchen cabinets are priced depending on customers choices. Doors can go from 50-100 includes stripping sanding and restraining or painting, cabinets face frames can go from 175-300. Tables 500-1500 dressers 500-1500 depending on size and type of finish, sprayed or French polish.

I can come to their home and look at projects and give them prices, suggestions and if they agree I can do pick ups and deliveries! In case of kitchen refinishing, staining or painting I take doors and drawer fronts to finish in shop and schedule days to come into their home to finish cabinets it's usually a process of two weeks. Depending of size of kitchens or cabinets!

I have about 25 year experience, I started in the state of Tx, but my knowledge grew in the state of ct. In 2000 I worked for Brandon antiques in Georgetown ct, worked for this company for 10 years

When I was in high school started helping my father who worked for the refinishing shop in pearl and Tx.

Interior designers, cabinet builders like Martin Kenney carpentry contracting, Jim Licari woodworking custom cabinetry and many individual customers. Asset IQ interior designer Describe a recent project you are fond of.

Refinish a large walnut table about 10 ft long, had a lacquer finish that was faded, cracked, and scratched top! Stripped it sanded it restrained it to match the original color of chairs and sprayed about 10 coats of lacquer because customer wanted a close grain!

To get references and get examples of the finish that that they are getting! Make sure that if their piece it's an antique to get it French polish and not sprayed so it won't loose value, save patina as much as they can.

Time frame,exact pricing and what types of warranties!